Integration of the GLA library to your cocos2d-x game

Integration of GLA is very simple. Just copy library and headers of GLA library to your cocos2d-x project and then use it in your game.

Copy files.

Copy library. You must copy correct GLA static library foreach platform (osx, ios, android, etc…). There is a folder for each supported platform in the cocos2d-x project. The simplest way is to create folder eg. “precompiled” in the platform folder and copy corresponding GLA library to it.

Copy headers and CCGLAInterface (sample implementation) to your Classes folder.

Copy sample animation to resources.

Link files to your project.

Link library with your correct target.

Add CCGLAInterface folder to your project as group.

Link animation to your resources (If you put animation inside subfolder of Resources folder, which is already linked in your project, you can skip this step)

Test your project and animation.

Create new instance of GLA player with path to your GLA animation and add it to the scene. GLA::Player instance has same behaviour as common cocos2-x scene objects.

'Size visibleSize =
Vec2 origin =

GLA::Player *b
    = GLA::Player::create("animation.gla",
b->setPosition(Vec2(origin.x +
    visibleSize.width/2 , origin.y +



If you have follow all steps correctly, you can see scene with happy crab.