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Flash converter

If you use Flash animations and advanced graphics effects in game development, you will definitely appreciate a Flash converter which can lower the final size of the app to less than 50% of its original size. All of this while maintaining high-quality graphics. This means that you don’t need to decide whether to implement advanced graphics, or whether to maintain an optimum final size of the app. The GLA Studio game converter will ensure an ideal result.

The GLA Studio animation tool is a superior SWF game converter, which converts the SWF format into the GLA format.

  • By using the GLA Studio Flash converter, you will:
    • Lower the overall size of the game;
    • Maintain the highest possible quality of the graphics effects in the game;
    • Reduce the possibility of users uninstalling the game;
    • Save battery on the user’s mobile device;
    • Allow users to use more apps at the same time;

Provide the best gaming experience for your users! Create a user-friendly game that users will keep playing for a long time.

Library download

This library has a half-open source code. It has 2 parts. One is a compiled static library that is the core of GLA. It is written in C++. Core including parser, renderer, animation timing, etc. The second part is implementation to framework. We call this part “player”. It includes methods for initializing animations, controlling them from the application code, etc. We have sample implementation for cocos2d-x and unity frameworks.