Integration of the GLA library to your unity game

This tutorial shows you, what you need to do to start using GLA animations in your Unity game

Import GLA plugin.

Assets -> Import Package -> Custom Package… and select GLAPluginPackage.unitypackage

Keep all checkboxes selected and click Import

Now you have all you need to start using GLA in your project.

Import GLA file to project.

Now you can import your first GLA Animation. Go to folder with your GLA animation and drop the .gla file anywhere in the assets window in the Unity editor. You should see GLA Asset with name of your animation and GLARawData directory. Do not modify this directory.

Add GLA asset to scene.

Grab GLA Asset and drop it into scene. You should see animation’s first frame like the one displayed on the screenshot.

Congrats! Now you know how to add GLA animations to your game.